Akademeia (ISSN 1923-1504) is an open access multidisciplinary journal that was active from 2011 to 2014. All accepted articles underwent a double-blinded peer review process facilitated by 2-3 experts in the field. Authors retain copyright over their own work under an Open Access Creative Commons License.

Akademeia Volume 4, Issue 1 (2014)


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  1. Compound Poisson approximation in an individual risk model and approximation bounds for a real portfolio in Iran

    Maryam Teimourian Sefideh Khan
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  2. Political rhetoric landscape of Ghana: Examining the dominant rhetorical appeals in the 2008 presidential election campaigns

    Charles Marfo and Dramani Aminu
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  3. The morpho-phonology of noun class prefixes in Bantu languages and the synchronic change in some selected Bantu languages

    Philothe Mwamba Kabasele
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  4. Teaching language through biographical sketches

    Linda Rappel
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